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PART 1          GENERAL

  1. Section Includes: Material and labor requirements for Post-tensioned concrete unit masonry construction using the Integra® Wall System.

  2. Products Furnished But Not Installed Under This Section:
    1. Section 03300 - Cast-In-Place Concrete: Installation of anchor bolts.
Guide Specifications for these sections are included in the Superlite Catalogue. The listing under this paragraph should include only those items which are included on the project.
  1. Products Installed But Not Furnished Under This Section:
    1. Section 04100 - Mortar and Grout .
    2. Section 04150 - Masonry Accessories .
    3. Section 04160 - Masonry Reinforcement .
The listing under this paragraph should be edited to include only those items which are included on the project. Guide Specifications for these sections are available from Superlite. Add other sections as applicable.

Section 04220 - Concrete Unit Masonry must be included in the project manual since it is referenced in this specification.
  1. Related Sections:
    1. Section 04220 - Concrete Unit Masonry.
    2. Section 04228 - Ground Faced or Burnished Masonry Units.
    3. Section 04255 - Custom Pre-Glazed Concrete Masonry Units.
    4. Section 04270 - Glass Block Masonry Units.

Edit the listing of standards, including the Code having jurisdiction, to those which are applicable to the project. Copies of these standards are available from Superlite.
  1. American Concrete Institute (ACI) 530.1 Specifications for Masonry Structures.

  2. American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM):
    1. C 90 - Standard Specification for Hollow Load-Bearing Concrete Masonry Units.
    2. C 140 - Method of Sampling and Testing Concrete Masonry Units.

  3. 2006 International Building Code Standards:
    1. Standard 21-4-Hollow and Solid Load-bearing Concrete Masonry Units.
    2. Standard 21-17-Test Method for Compressive Strength of Masonry Prisms.

  4. International Building Code 2006 - Chapter 21
    1. Section 2105 - Quality Assurance

  5. ICC ER Report 4845 - Current or most recent revision
  1. The post-tension masonry wall system shall be the Integra® Wall System, an engineered, post-tensioned block wall system .
  1. Samples: In accordance with Section 04220 - Concrete Masonry Units.

  2. Submittals to Building Official: In accordance with ICC ER Evaluation Report 4845
  1. Standards, Regulatory Requirements and Mock Ups: In accordance with Section 04220 - Concrete Masonry Units.

  2. Design and Construction: Conform to the requirements of ICC Evaluation Report 4845 including special inspection requirements and submittals of Integra® Wall System Application Manual to Building Official.
A pre-installation conference is strongly recommended due to the level of workmanship required for the installation of the Integra Wall System.
  1. Pre Installation Conference: The purposes of this conference are:
    1. To review the specifications, materials lists, drawings, and material application requirements.
    2. To verify that all parties understand the meaning and intent of the contract documents.
    3. Attendees: As designated by Architect
    4. See also Section 01200- Project Meetings.
  1. In accordance with Section 04220 - Concrete Units Masonry.
  1. Environmental Requirements: In accordance with Section 04220 - Concrete Units Masonry.

PART 2          PRODUCTS

  1. Integra® Masonry Units and related materials shall be as manufactured or distributed by Superlite Block, 4150 West Turney, Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85019; phone (602)352-3500, (800)366-7877; fax (602)352-3868; or their appointed licensee.
  1. Masonry Units:
    1. ASTM C-90 except that minimum 28 day compressive strength on the net area shall be 3000 psi (21 MPa) as determined by ASTM C 140
The drawings must indicate the particular sizes and shapes required. Refer to the Integra Wall System section of the Superlite Catalog for the standard sizes and shapes which are available.
  1. Sizes and Shapes: As indicated on drawings.
  2. Other specially molded units shall be supplied by the manufacturer when required or as shown on Drawings.
Mortar and Grout specifications shall conform to the requirements of the ICC Evaluation Report.
  1. Mortar and Grout: In accordance with Section 04100.

  2. Steel: Post tensioned rods, bottom anchor bolt, top nut and bottom coupler, washers and top steel plates shall be in accordance with ICC Evaluation Report 4845.

  3. Direct Tension Indicator (DTI) Washers: In accordance with ICC Evaluation Report 4845.
When optimum thermal performance is required, polyurethane insulation specifically blended for use in the Integra Wall System is used.
  1. Polyurethane Foam Insulation: In accordance with ICC Evaluation Report 4845.
  1. Control Joints, Strap Anchors, Wall Ties, Through Wall Flashing, Weep Holes, Cavity Vents: See Section 04150.

  2. Horizontal and Vertical Reinforcing: See Section 04160.
Verify that steel lintels are scheduled or indicated. In some cases masonry lintels are assumed to be required if steel lintels are not indicated.
  1. Steel Lintels: As indicated or scheduled on structural drawings.


  1. General Requirements for Concrete Masonry Walls: See Section 04220 - Concrete Units Masonry for other general requirements.
Fully mortared head and bed joints are critical when integrally colored architectural units are specified and polyurethane insulation is used. Bee holes in joints may allow polyurethane insulation to seep through and stain the face of the block. Running bond is standard, but, other bonds (i.e. stack) are possible with proper engineering. Revise the following paragraph if other bonds are to be used.
  1. Bonding:
    1. Bond pattern shall be regular running bond with fully mortared head and bed joints.
    2. Bond shall be plumb throughout face of wall.

  2. Wall Intersections: In accordance with Section 04220 - Concrete Masonry Units.

  3. Mortar Joints: In accordance with Section 04220 - Concrete Masonry Units.
Drawings must indicate location and spacing. Spacing and location of joints should be verified with Structural Engineer.
  1. Control Joints:
    1. Provide control joints at locations indicated.
    2. Construct control joints as detailed on drawings.
Verify reinforcing requirements for each project. Following text is representative of requirements which should be verified by Structural Engineer or its appointed representative.
  1. Horizontal Joint Reinforcing: As indicated on the wall system design drawings and in accordance with Section 2106 of the International Building Code 2006.

  2. Vertical Reinforcing:
    1. Anchor bolts and reinforcing bars shall be installed in accordance with Integra® Wall System engineering specifications and approved drawings.
    2. Post tensioning: In accordance with ICC Evaluation Report 4845.

  3. Bond Beam Reinforcing: In accordance with Section 04220 - Concrete Units Masonry.

  4. Grouting: In accordance with Section 04220 - Concrete Units Masonry.
Edit list of items as required for the project. Add special built-in items such as waterstops that are not universally considered normal to a project. Refer to local masonry industry standards.
  1. Provisions for Other Trades and Built in Items:
    1. Built in items required and indicated, including; but not limited to, reinforcing steel, anchors, flashing, sleeves, frames, structural steel, loose lintels, anchor bolts, nailing blocks, door and window frames and miscellaneous iron.
    2. Enclosures for pipes, stacks, ducts and conduits: Construct slots, chases, cavities, and similar spaces as required, or as indicated on the drawings.
Delete if insulation is not required.
  1. Insulation: Fill open block cavities in exterior masonry walls with polyurethane foam insulation in accordance with Integra® Wall System Application Manual.
  1. Tolerances: In accordance with ACI 530.1/ASCE 6, current editions.
  1. Special Inspections: In accordance with ICC Evaluation Report 4845.
  1. In accordance with Section 04220 - Concrete Units Masonry.
  1. In accordance with Section 04220 - Concrete Units Masonry
  1. Furnish temporary protection for exposed masonry corners subject to injury.

  2. Carefully cover tops of walls left incomplete at conclusion of day's work with tarpaulins or other approved covering.
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