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The purpose of this section is to specify the requirements for the installation of the Integra System and to establish the quality of the components that are required as per ICC Legacy 4845P Evaluation Report. Alternates to these guidelines may be considered under special conditions, and with written permission from Superlite Block and approval of the local building official.


    1. Masonry units: The manufacturer of all units must be approved in writing by Superlite Block or its Licensee. The walls are composed of hollow concrete masonry units complying with IBC (2006 International Building Code) Section 2103.1 or in accordance with the code having jurisdiction or complying with ASTM C – 90, latest revision. The masonry units may have open ends (may be one or both) with the center web at approximately one-half the unit height, or may be units with other special thermal reducing features. All dimensions are standard nominal dimensions for concrete masonry. Special molded units may be supplied by the manufacturer when necessary as evidenced by the Plate Bearing Block, or as in the case of architecturally faced units. The minimum compressive strengths as determined by ASTM C – 140 shall be 3000 psi on the net area. The block manufacturer shall have on file test reports from independent laboratory verifying compressive strength compliance and shall be completed at least once every six months.

    2. Mortar: Shall be Type S conforming with Section 2103.7 and Table 2103.8(2) of the IBC, ASTM 270 latest revision, or in compliance with the code having jurisdiction.

    3. Steel Post-tension Rods and Anchor Bolt: Shall comply with AISI C-1008 requirements with Fy = 60 ksi minimum and be a nominal 7/16” diameter. All tension rods shall be rolled threaded.

    4. Steel Plates: Shall comply with ASTM A – 36, Fy = 36 ksi and be a minimum of 1/2 “ thick. When plate bearing block is not used, a steel plate spanning face shell to face shell will be used and shall have a minimum thickness of 3/8 “ and conform to ASTM A – 36, Fy = 36 ksi. An alternate method of plate bearing is shown on Detail 16 under Wall Sections.

    5. Steel Coupler: Shall comply with ASTM C – 36, Fy = 36 ksi and be threaded to fit post-tensioned rods. Coupler shall be a minimum of 1 3/4" long. The minimum engagement length for post-tensioned rod to coupler shall be 1/2".

    6. Direct Tension Indicator (DTI) Washers:

      Figure 4
      DTI “Squirter™” washer A – 325 shall comply with the quality control standards of ASTM F – 959 and be specifically designed for use in the Integra® Wall System.


    1. 1. The Building Official will be provided with a copy of the Integra® System Application manual to ensure the quality controls as specified. Certification shall be provided indicating proper tensioning of rods is complete.

    2. Installation:  Anchor bolts and post-tensioning rods shall be installed in accordance with Integra® System engineering specifications and approved plans. (See example of Tension Rod layout detailing, Figure 8) Masonry walls shall be erected in running bond, unless otherwise noted, and require fully mortared head and bed joints. Post-tensioned rods shall be tensioned to a minimum initial load of 7,400 pounds.

    3. Quality Control:
      1. Visually check for general layout of the masonry units; check for running bond or that specified. General good workmanship as considered acceptable by the masonry industry.
      2. Check for use of Integra Anchor Bolts as specified.
      3. Check Direct Tension Indicator (DTI) washers, using appropriate feeler gauge, to assure full specified tension. A minimum of 10% of DTI washers shall be checked when special inspection is required.
      4. Typical wall construction as per details shown under "Wall Sections" or as indicated on the approved plans.

    4. The post-tensioning of the Integra® System shall be performed only by Superlite Block, or their appointed licensee. Post-tension crews shall post-tension the steel rods using the Direct Tension Indicator washer A – 325 as provided by Superlite Block.

  3. IDENTIFICATION:  The hollow concrete masonry units are palletized and identified by delivery slips which bear the manufacturers name, address, and I.C.C. report number. Steel components, top steel plate washer, steel tension rods, bottom coupler and anchor bolt are identified with delivery slips bearing the supplier’s name. After the structure has been post-tensioned, the post-tensioning crew affixes a certification tag to the wall in a conspicuous place. A letter of certification may be provided in lieu of the certification tag. The tag or certificate shall contain the following information:
    1. Date the wall was erected.
    2. Date of post-tensioning (and insulation if applicable).
    3. Post-tension rod type and diameter.
    4. Name and signature of crew supervisor.
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